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Index_hr4a9681 11 JAN

Boat Party "A Date with Dubai"

11 January 2020 | Dubai, UAE

The ActivityDate is delighted to invite its Members and Friends to the traditional Boat Cruise Party “A Date with Dubai”, annually hosted in this amazingly unusual and hospitable city.
Every January we all rush to this moving, ambitious and cosmopolitan metropolis to experience new emotions, to be overwhelmed with the diversity of cultures and traditions we can meet only here, to see our old Friends and to make new ones and to organize the Event that will be remembered and mentioned by many till the next Year.

Index_hr4a9452 12 JAN

Boat Party "A Date with Dubai"

12 January 2019 | Dubai, UAE

The traditional Boat Cruise Party “A Date with Dubai”, annually hosted in this amazingly unusual and hospitable city -Dubai

Full information very soon!

Index_hr4a2352 16 JUN

"Black&White" Gala Dinner Party in Riga

16 June 2018 | Latvia, Riga

June 16, 2018 - the restaurant BIBLIOTEĢ„KA No1 will host the spectacular “Black&White Dinner Party in Riga”. The event will bring together up to 110 local and international guests from all over the world to give the start of the new concept of Black&White Events. 

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